The Ultimate 3D Sculpture Puzzle | Cardboarts

The Ultimate 3D Sculpture Puzzle 

CardboArts is an innovative layering puzzle created by artist Jaime Zabala. Made with high-quality recycled cardboard, challenge yourself to create eye-catching works of art which you can be proud of!  

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Ignite Your Creative Genius

Measuring 16in x 12 x 12 (except for Christ the Redeemer, which is 34in x 12 x 12) and weighing 4.74lb each, CardboArts are the perfect artistic home decor.

Available in 4 Designs

Meet the Creator

Hi! I am Jaime! I arrived in Florida from Ecuador in 1993 and started working on products that would protect homes from hurricanes. In 2012 I began to use the aluminum scraps from my hurricane shutters to create art. I soon was able to showcase my creations in the Art Basel Exhibition in Miami.  

Having found my passion for creating, I started making practical products for home decor and began to incorporate resin polyester.  

I decided that I wanted to make a product that you could take part in creating. A fun and beautiful piece of art you can be proud to display. 

 This is how my idea for CardboArts was born. Made from recycled materials, CardboArts is a sculpture you can assemble at home.

Why CardboArts? As artists we must find innovative ways to show our concern for the environment and encourage others to reuse, reduce and recycle for a better future.


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